Does it pay to have a financial advisor?

Advisors only charge an annual, hourly or fixed fee. A financial planner can help you create a personalized plan to address most (if not all) of your financial goals. They can offer practical advice on retirement accounts, emergency funds, investments, etc. Some financial planners also offer tax strategies and lifestyle tips to help you achieve specific financial goals.

It's important to find one that works with you and your particular circumstances. If your accounts are scattered across multiple institutions, it's hard to know what your financial situation is. Even with the adviser only on commission, the “price you pay” can be much, much more than you imagine, for many other reasons, besides your fees. A financial advisor is someone who can extensively help you manage your money and answer questions you may have in a variety of financial aspects.

If your life savings need more attention than you can provide, it's worth looking for a financial advisor. From time to time I get emails from readers who have realized that they need financial help that goes beyond reading blogs and books. But before you go, be sure to read to the end to find out all the other ways financial advisors have found to charge you money. Because this type of financial advisor gets all your money from sales and transactions, they often perform financial planning services in their own interest, but I hope it will work well for you as well.

It is essential to know how much you will be charged before using the services of a financial advisor. Some readers' finances have suddenly become more complicated, whether as a result of a new job or inheritance, while others simply want personalized advice to help them increase their savings or pay off their debts. So you may be wondering if it's worth paying a financial advisor, but that answer is very personal to you. Some financial planners and advisors will work with savers only once, either to develop a financial plan or to help with a specific topic or question.

Deciding to retire, accepting an early purchase package for retirement, selling a business, accepting a lump sum on a pension, starting Social Security or buying a home for cash are some examples of important financial decisions. One of the greatest added values is the comprehensive financial planning that a good advisor can provide. You can rest assured that you are paying your financial advisor a reasonable fee if you are within the average market price.

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